I’m the Tamamamma

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fun Little Family Outing

When my mom visited a while back, she wanted to go do something cultural. So I searched online for all things cultural going on in the valley. We ended up going to the BYU Homecoming Spectacular, which was totally awesome.
I also found out that the Springville Art Museum was having an exhibit of children's book illustrations done by local artists. We didn't have time to go with my mom, but we went down today. It was really cool. The pictures are fun to look at and absolutely stunning. There is a bookshelf in the room with all of the books that the artwork was used in, and there was a couch to sit down and read. The kids had a good time matching the book with the artwork on the wall. Then we sat on the couch and read some books together. It was free too!
I know I've written on here before about Blurb.com and how it can pull all of your blog info into a book format. Well, not exactly. It only works with certain blogging platforms, NOT including Blogger. Bummer. It's ok though--I've been cutting and pasting my information over into one of their regular book templates, and it's pretty fun. It's time consuming, but I can edit as I go and even copy over some comments here and there as I go. I'm all the way up to May. I can't wait to order the book see the finished product!


Kirsti said...

Good work on the blurb book. When you complete it and have it in hand let me know because I'm dying to see how it turns out!

utmomof5 said...

How long does that thing go at the museum? Was Haidyn good? I am wondering if Tiffany is too young to go.
I did a blurb book a awhile back. It was really fun to put it together :)