I’m the Tamamamma

Friday, February 20, 2009

Like Mother, Like Daughter

I had a crafting class at my house tonight and cute little DD1 wanted to participate. She said she needed some wood and some ribbon (sorry I gave her this wood Karley--I can pay you back for it). A little bit later she gave me this masterpiece. I think it's the cutest thing ever! I want to keep it forever. I guess she takes after me a little bit, huh?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Home Improvement Overload!

I have not blogged in so long--and it's because my life has been taken over by painting projects! I had ideas about how I wanted the kids' rooms to look and I didn't want to do one without the others. I wouldn't want any of the kids to feel left out. So, a full week and a half later, I am finally done with the painting portion of the project. Yay! I am soooo sore and soooo tired! I even had to paint the ceilings because the entire house (ceiling included) was originally the mocha brown color that you can still see in the last picture.

In my daughter's room (the yellow and purple), we'll be putting up a white chair-rail. In my son's room we'll be putting up white trim where the dark blue meets the light blue. In the light green room, I'll be putting up pink damask wallpaper where the brown panels are. Then we'll put white trim around each of those panels. I'm still waiting for the wallpaper to arrive at the store, but you can see it here.
Now that this much is done, I like to just stare at their rooms. Paint makes such a difference! Tommorrow I'm going to enjoy NOT painting for the first time in many days!
My mom is coming for a visit in a week! Yay! We're going up to Park City for a girl's night out. She'll only be here for the weekend, but I'm soooo looking forward to it!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

More Quilty Goodness!

I just finished DD1's quilt--yay! I'm tempted to keep it for myself : ). I found this fabric and ordered it online (It's called Soiree by Lila Tuller--I got mine on Ebay). I just HAD to have it! I didn't do anything fancy as far as creating quilt blocks or anything because I didn't want to loose the beauty of the individual fabric patterns. With these 5" squares I can still enjoy them all (if you click the picture you can see it bigger). Off I go to watch TV and snuggle in this quilt before I give it to my daughter tomorrow.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Long time no blog!

I am making myself sit and blog tonight because it has been so long (for me, anyway). There hasn't really been anything exciting going on. I suggested to DD that I could help her stop sucking her thumb, and she thought that was a great idea (lucky me!). So, we wrapped it for a few days with waterproof sports tape. She seemed to kick the habit very quickly because even without the tape she hasn't been sucking it. Even when she hurts herself and would normally want the thumb. Good job DD!My other daughter has started doing her own hair. She loves coming up with new styles, some of which are quite impressive! This is what she came up with for church on Sunday:
Well, wish I had more to share, but that's it! Have a great day!