I’m the Tamamamma

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It's Been a Long, Long Time!

I'll start back in June when DH's work had an all expenses paid day at Lagoon. Not my favorite place by any measure, but the kids love it and it's really nice of his work to do this for us every year--and on a work day too!Here is DH and DS enjoying the train ride. I think my favorite part was when DD2 said "Look Mommy! A princess duck!". Here is what she was referring to: I love it when my kids come up with adorable stuff like that. Thier favorite ride is in the kiddie section. It's called the Dragonfly. We rode that one a few times. We had fun watching the kids play in the water fountain near the front of the park. They got soaked : )
We had a little giggle watching this little girl lead DD1 all around. She just walked up to DD1, grabbed her hand, and took her where she wanted. DD1 shrugged her shoulders at me as if to say "I have no idea who this is or why she wants me, but I guess I'll go along with it!"
DH and I wanted a chance to ride the roller coasters, so his awesome sister came and picked up the kids for a while. We rode Wicked (which really was totally cool), Colossus, and The Bat. Next time I'll take some Dramamine before I go! The older I get, the sicker I feel after a few roller coasters!

We went back to DH's sister's house and she made us dinner. It had been cloudy all day and finally started to rain. We were lucky enough to see this nearly the entire drive home:
A full, double rainbow. Incredible.

That was about all the excitement I can remember for June. Maybe if I blogged more regularly I would have remembered more!

The fourth of July came and we went up to DH"s sister's house for a barbeque and some street fireworks. Good times. It's always nice to spend the fourth somewhere other than my own living room!

DS and DD1 both passed level two swimming lessons this month too! Yay! They are officially swimmers!

DD2 had her own excitement going on. She turned 5! I can't believe my baby is so big! Here she is sharing her new Barbie clothes with her sister (she was happier than she looks in this picture, I promise)
She opened her other gifts first thing in the morning
And she loved her princess cake (that she picked out herself at the grocery store)
DH's birthday was the next day and we had our babysitter come over so we could get out for a bit. We had dinner at Winger's and went to see Transformers. That's not really my kind of movie, but I wanted DH to pick. During the movie I didn't say anything because I didn't want to ruin the whole experience for him. Then (when it seemed like the movie should have ended an hour ago) DH turned to me and said "OH my gosh! Is this ever going to end?". My feelings exactly. We had a good time though. There was one point during dinner where we had to count up his age to make sure we hadn't gotten it wrong. Funny how the older you get the easier it is to remember exactly how old you actually are!
This last weekend was Pioneer Day weekend. We went down to Fairview to visit DH's parents and most of his siblings were there too. We got to be in the parade. DH got to drive his dad's old Studebaker and I rode in one of the antique trucks. We threw candy to all the little kids. That night we sat out on the porch and watched the fireworks at the nearby fairgrounds. We spent the night and went Jeeping up in the canyon the next day. I was mesmerized by all of the beautiful wildflowers.
On Sunday we were back at home so after church (and a nap), we took a drive up to Bridal Veil Falls. We tried leaving at 7, and found the canyon freeway at a total standstill. We decided to take a mountian road home, but 5 minutes into it, the little cousin that was with us was crying and puking. So, we tried spending an hour at Sundance. Still no improvement in the traffic. We heard from a passerby that there was a big accident at the base of the canyon. We ended up driving to Park City and down to Salt Lake and home. We finally got here at 11! Sheesh!