I’m the Tamamamma

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sew Busy!

We have had a busy few weeks at our house! Spring break was a lot of fun. We kicked it off by having an Easter party at our house. We decorated the house and spent hours on cupcakes. We had a Cafe Rio style dinner.
We had the kids' Easter egg hunt.

And then we had another hunt for the adults and big kids. Each egg had a code in it and only one would open the lock box. J won the $20 gift card that was inside (her little brother helped her open the box)

After the party, H1 and H2 headed off to Bountiful to hang out with their cousins. H3 stayed here with us and enjoyed dying eggs and going to Pier 49 Pizza.

We had a couple of croupy kids that week, but once they were better we spent an afternoon at Classic Fun Center.
H1 lucked out that Friday because he went back up to his cousin's to spend another night and missed his dentist appointment. It turned out to be a good thing for all of us, because H2's appointment took forever and I was glad to not have to be there even longer. H3 was a great helper for her sister and held her hand while she got her shot. We celebrated H2's bravery with a trip for ice cream on the way home.

H1 got his turn the next week. We got H2's mouth finished up and one side of his done. I wish we had flouride in the water here! I've finally bought flouride rinse for them in the hopes it will help them out. Poor H1 was very scared and I was proud of him for being so brave. Thank goodness for nitrous! H3 was a great helper again. She would be with H2 and say "Oh! I better go check on H1!" and off she would go. We stopped for ice cream again, but H2 was a little frustrated that it kept dripping out of her mouth and down her shirt!

Other than that, I've been very busy sewing my heart out. I just keep finding new things that I want to make.
I'm working on another quilt that is made from a pattern I wanted to make many years ago before I had ever quilted before. I took a break from that when I ran out of one of my fabrics and had to order more. Here is a preview that I created in Photoshop:

The pattern is called Storm at Sea. I love the way the curves in it are optical illusions. It'll be fun to see this one finished. While I was waiting for the fabric to arrive, I became obsessed with some pillow cases I found on someone's blog and HAD to make some. I've done quite a few now with plans to do some more. H2's is in progress right now and I'm working on some to give as a wedding gift along with a set of sheets.

H1's pillowcase I actually made a while back. Crochet is too girly for a boy anyway : )

Then H2 started asking me when I was ever going to make something for her to wear. Well......I had to take the challenge. I found a tutorial online so that I didn't have to buy a pattern. I even had some extra frabric. Here is H2 modeling for you:

And last but not least, with Mother's Day coming up soon, I decided to make this apron for my Mother in Law. I think H3 looks pretty cute in it!

Whew! I think that's it for what we've been up to!