I’m the Tamamamma

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Winter Boredom Busters

Once Christmas is over, I'm ready for spring. Those long winter months at the beginning of the new year without any holidays to look forward to can be a little boring. So, we've had to get a little creative.

I'm lucky to have a husband who comes up with such fun ideas. We have FHE on Sunday nights, and the kids love to do things like this together. Lately we've been watching old family videos and playing games like Clue, charades, and statue.

We got Raving Rabbids for the Wii. It was our New Years Eve entertainment. It's been a big hit, even H3 can play it. I love this picture of her brother teaching her how to play. Awwww.
Our kitty, Tink, got "the fix" last week. She did really well, and the kids enjoyed nursing her back to health. H2 was an especially good nurse. She put this sign on the kennel. It says "Welcome to the kitty motel." So cute.