I’m the Tamamamma

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Birthday, Baptism, and More

Our cute little H1 is not so little anymore (but he's still cute, of course!). He had his 10th birthday a couple of weekends ago. It was mostly all about video games. He also got a skateboard and a Lego Pyramid game. For his birthday treat he wanted homemade pizza and brownies.
His game was a little hard to figure out, but it's sure cool looking!

He also had a party with his friends. They played his new video games and decorated sugar cookies. And there were presents, of course : )
I would guess that the best thing that happened on his birthday was his Nanna coming to town.
We had a great time visiting with her. The first day she was here, she took the kids to Build-A-Bear Workshop to make animals for their birthdays.

During her visit, she also took them on a special "Nanna date" to the temple grounds and then lunch at Wingers.
Our sweet little H2 got baptized this same weekend. She looked so beautiful in her pretty white dress. It was a great family day. After the baptism, the family came back to our house for a Cafe Rio style lunch. I was so busy that I had no idea that my kids had eaten nothing but chips, dressing, and rice until I looked at these pictures to choose which ones to post here. Bad mommy! Oh, well. It was her day, right?
I was lucky to receive these beautiful dishes (the blue ones) from my dad and stepmom just in time to use them at the baptism. They were great!
Nanna was able to stay for a week, which was fabulous. We went out to eat a lot, saw Toy Story 3 together, had a backyard cook-out for Labor Day, and had fun in general. I love this picture that she took of us down by the lake on Labor Day (the mosquitos chased us away pretty quickly!) I already made a page with it so that we can have it in our album.
Smuckers enjoyed it too!
Since then I have been trying to catch up on work and sleep (I had a nasty cold to deal with) My new job at the school is absolutely fabulous. I love it. Just the right amount of work to be enough without becoming overwhelming and taking away from my "being a mom" time, which will always be my first priority. I have finally found someone to take over my position at Walgreens too, which will make life a little less hectic.

Yesterday we took a little family hike up the Nebo Loop. My friend Christina had blogged about this location a while ago and we finally decided to go. It's called the Grotto. The hike itself is only about 1/2 mile, so it was perfect for the kids. The fall colors were absolutely gorgeous!
We had a yum-o lunch at Smokehouse barbeque afterwards. Mmmmmm.........