I’m the Tamamamma

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy Holidays

DH and I got an exciting new job as models for romance novel covers. Can you believe it? Don't we look great?
Just kidding, of course (DH photoshopped our heads onto these pictures)! These were part of our white elephant gift this year. We covered some old kids' paperbacks with these covers. The titles were awesome. The first one was "Midnight Pleasures with a Scoundrel" the second one was "The Care and Taming of a Rogue". They were hilarious!

Christmas was super fun. I always have so much fun watching my kids open their gifts.

Some new cozy digs:

Some new "pets" to add to the family:

This cute little guy is actually a CD holder. H3 got some new computer games to play:One of H1's friends taught him how to play chess. Impressive!

Santa knew this was H3's favorite library book, so he got her her very own copy to keep. She can sing me the whole thing.....it's pretty cute : )

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Everything's cuter when it's tiny!

One of the things I made to give as Christmas gifts this year was mini-pies. I decided to post it because trying to describe it to my mom over the phone didn't do it justice, and some of my friends wanted the links for the project. I love how they turned out....I'm thinking of doing these together as a family sometime and having them for FHE treat.
I found the idea on Our Best Bites. I have found so many great recipes there. The tags for the top of the jars were designed by Lolly of Lollychops (check out all of her free download and print things on her sidebar!)
I gave H3 a bit of dough to play with while I was working. I love her little creation. It's a kitty! (Can'tcha tell?)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Oh Little Town of Bethlehem

One of my favorite holiday traditions is setting up this little (literally!) town of Bethlehem that my mom bought us at Costco about 8 years ago. I love it and I love letting the kids play with it (although a few of our little people have died tragic deaths in the hands of my children). It lights up and everything. As long as the Holy Family stays intact, I'll be happy because that's the most improtant part.
The girls built a snowman outside with Daddy yesterday while I shoveled (which, by the way, is my favorite form of excercise!). They named him Kyle. We took bets on how long it would take him to fall over. He looks like he's doing yoga after a bit of melting, but he's still standing!
Backing up to Halloween, I wanted to post our creepy little apple faces. Each of us carved one and then let them dry up. It was fun checking on them each day to see how different they looked as they dried ( and by the way, that's not mold, it's just the core):