I’m the Tamamamma

Saturday, March 6, 2010

My Current Obsessions

I just wouldn't be me without being obsessed with things that I will most likely not be in few months. Oh well, that's what makes life exciting : )

Currently, these are the things I love:

DownEast Outfitters......the new things they have coming out are making me drool. I know where I will be spending my birthday money!

Another obsession......Noodles and Company. Mmmmmm. Way too expensive, but if I have a coupon or it's just me eating, it's worth it. Of course, I always order something from the Asian menu.

This ones a bit odd for me. I have never in my life wanted a doll....even when I was a little girl. But check these out. It's a Blythe Neo doll from Japan and they cost a TON of money (I will never own one of these). They totally remind me of the marionettes in The Sound of Music! Their eyes turn and everything. And you should see the little outfits and things that you can get. Sooooooo cute!

Yet another obsession.....Sweet Nothings shapewear from WalMart. Yes, WalMart. I purchased other shapewear at Kohl's that was total crap compared to these. And I love that they are cut like a cami, so I can layer it under my low cut shirts and it makes me look skinnier while doing the same thing as my Shade camis. Love them. I want one for every day of the week! I think this model needs to wear a different color panties.....almost looks like she doesn't have any on. Eeeeek!

I've also been obsessed with Ugly Betty. My friend Kari has been checking out the seasons at the book mobile and kindly sharing them with me. I love finding a good show that you have never watched before because it is so nice to watch as many episodes as you want, whenever you want!
My last obsession, at least the only one I can think of right now, is quilting. I feel myself coming to the end of this one for a bit, but here is what I've been up to in that arena for the past two or three weeks. This is the first quilt I ever took in to the quilter's. I met them at the local quilt shop and picked the pattern I wanted it quilted in. They took it home to their fancy-shmancy machine and returned it to me ready to be bound.
I picked up some fabric today to re-cover some feather pillows I picked up at IKEA a while back. We needed some good living room pillows for stretching out on the floor to watch TV.

This one is currently at the quilter's. I can't wait to get it back....it's my favorite!

I already know what I want to work on next if I can make myself stay with the sewing a bit longer. Love these.