I’m the Tamamamma

Saturday, January 28, 2012


My new goal is to blog once a week......I'm realizing that by not blogging, I haven't been journaling. Time goes by so fast and life is so busy, but I don't want to forget the details of our lives.

I'll start with H2's birthday, which was back in August. She wanted a "candy" themed party. I have a neighbor who is super talented at making cakes. I bought the supplies and she helped me assemble the cake. It was fun and it turned out so cute!

At her party she made candy jewelry with her friends.
The summer also brought cheerleading into her life. She loves it. She is always practicing her stunts and never complains about going to practice. She has also developed tummy muscles of steel! She bought herself a uniform on Ebay to play "cheerleader" in....it has been a favorite game for her and her friends. This is one of her harder stunts, it's called the "bow and arrow".
H1 turned 11 in September. He also had a birthday party, but he didn't want me to make him a cake (says he doesn't really like cake). He wanted cookies, and he spent the time playing video games with his friends.
He also got his stage 1 braces off. They made a huge difference in his smile. Here is a page I made documenting the process from beginning to end:
In June the kids decided to have a birthday party for Smuckers. They made invitations and invited other neighborhood dogs over. The dogs all got a treat and the humans got cupcakes.

We went back to school at the end of August. I went to 5th grade camp with H1, which was a lot of fun, except that it turned the cold I had into a terrible monster cold. The drive down the mountain almost made my head explode and I missed some work. I still plan on going next year with H2 though. It was a good experience for both of us.

In October, a dream came true when I was able to go on a Disney Cruise with my mom. We visited Nassau and Disney's private island, Castaway Cay. Playing with the dolphins was definitely a highlight. We felt pampered the entire time!

A couple of days after I got home, it was Halloween. H1 was Phineas. I mad him a huge Phineas head to wear, and it got him a lot of attention when he wore it. Unfortunately, it wasn't comfortable so he didn't wear it for long. I never even got a picture of it! H2 was a cheerleader and H3 was a cowgirl.

A couple of months later, my mom came to visit for Christmas. We had a great and relaxing time together. On Christmas Eve, each of the kids got to choose one present to open. And DH opened his race car track to play with.

I've had a lot of fun playing with the iPad I got : )
And the kids were happy, happy, happy!

Here's to blogging more often!