I’m the Tamamamma

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Disneyland and So Forth

We recently got back from a fabulous vacation to Disneyland. It was so fun. I'm bummed that it's over. Anyway, we drove to Mesquite on a Friday afternoon after the kids got out of school and spent a night there. That only left 5 more hours to drive on Saturday. We stayed at the adorable Candy Cane Inn on Harbor Blvd. I stole this pic online so you could see how cute it is.

We immediately picked up our Disneyland tickets. Our original plan had been to get 2-day passes, but because of the deal they were running, we ended up with 5 day passes. It was really nice to be able to spread out our time at the park. I have a Disney rewards card, so we have a little tradition of visiting the Disney store in Downtown Disney on our first night there so that the kids can each choose a souvenir. The kids love it. They are very thoughtful about their choices.

I was impressed with the bravery of the kids this time. They all rode Splash Mountain, although none of them liked it. The little girls cried on that one. H1 went on it one other time with DH. H2 wanted to ride Tower of Terror with me, which is my favorite ride. She did pretty good on it, which convinced H1 to try it with DH. Everyone but H3 rode Space Mountain too. The lines weren't too bad, but we still ended up doing a lot of this (waiting in line):

We really liked the new "Toy Story Mania" ride. We waited in line FOREVER for it on Sunday, but when we went back by on Tuesday the wait wasn't quite so long. This Mr. Potato Head would talk with people in the line. H3 and H1 were in the right spot at the right time on Tuesday.

H1 rode Space Mountain twice, and this is what he did both times (DH had to pull a face for the camera):

On Mother's Day we went to the Orange County Swap Meet. I love shopping, and I love a good deal, so I love this place. I got some really cute jeans and capris there, the girls got the dresses in the picture above, and H1 and DH got a guitar.

We also wanted to visit the beach, so after the swap meet we headed to Ventura beach. We didn't spend much time there because it was chilly and windy. A few days later we headed to Huntington Beach but it wasn't great beach weather that day either. We played in the sand a bit, and then the poor girls both fell in the surf within moments of each other and both started crying. So sad. We headed to the hotel to play in the pool instead.

We celebrated my birthday by having a yummy (and, unfortunately, expensive) lunch at the Rainforest Cafe. Who would have thought the souvenir sports bottles were $6.99 a piece!! The waitress just told me that all you had to do was order an Icee. Dang expensive Icees!

It was a great trip, a little exhausting, but super fun.

After we got home and had some time to recuperate, I decided to paint my kitchen/living room area. The project is almost done. I'm still waiting on some rust colored curtains for the sliding door.

School is almost out. We've had a busy couple of weeks with a dance recital, gymnastics exposition, and kindergarten graduation. Right now I can only upload the graduation photos because I'm a nerd and took the other ones without the memory card in the camera. I'll have to have DH find the cord to get the other pics off of the camera so that I can get to them. Here is H3 getting her diploma from the school director.