I’m the Tamamamma

Sunday, February 21, 2010

On a Felt Kick

My friend Shari posted a pic on Facebook of the most gorgeous Valentine's wreath she made from felt. The idea originally came from The Idea Room. I could hardly wait to try it. So I ran up to Material Girls quilt shop and bought some felt to match my living room decor and went to work. My husband thinks this looks Christmas-y, which was not my intent at all--I just happen to have a green and brown living room. Anyway, I love it!

Then I decided that the same technique would make a really cute topiary. I think I like this even more than the wreath:
While I was at it, I finally finished a project that I should have done ages ago. About a year and a half ago I got some curtains at IKEA to cover our sliding glass doors. They were way too long, so I cut them shorter and intended to use the scraps to make a matching valance for our living room window. The scraps had been sitting in the closet for a very long time. I finally got some coordinating fabric and put them together.
And here is a cute picture for no good reason. Our cat is not the most affectionate, but for some reason she lets our youngest do things like this to her:
And finally, our little gymnast. She has been taking gymnastics for about a month and loves it. She is so persistent....I really admire the way she will practice something for hours until she masters it. Here is her latest accomplishment (the video is way too dark, I'll have to redo this at some point!):