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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Oh What Do You Do in the Summertime?

We've been keeping busy, and it has been so much fun! The day after school let out, the kids had a "late over" with some friends. We had pizza, watched Wallace and Grommit (at least I wish they would have), and had cupcakes. The cupcakes had little "carrots" growing out of them.
We got 6 month passes to the Gateway Discovery Children's Museum. We've only been once so far, but plan on going more. The kids really enjoyed it. I think the girls enjoyed the play town the most, and H1 liked the building toys the most. Here he is waiting for time to pass so that we can go upstairs to his favorite part:

And helping my friend's little twinner play with the balls:

H3 made my heart melt as she played and played with the babies in the little house:
H2 liked sitting up high on this horse:
We also had Lagoon day with DH's work. The weather was fabulous and we had a really great time. While we were there, I forced the family to do this:
We have also really enjoyed Classic Fun Center. We have memberships for the summer that make everything really inexpensive. H3 has played laser tag for the first time and gotten to play in their Ball Blast play area (which looks fun enough that I would like to try it myself). The girls have had fun on the bouncy toys and the skating rink and track. All in all, it's fabulous because the kids get exercise and I get a chance to read for a bit.

H3 on the slides.....I can hear her squealing all the way across the place : )

H3 isn't quite coordinated for skates yet, so we tried out a scooter and she loved it. She'll be getting one of her own for her upcoming birthday (along with a Baby Alive). I can't believe she'll be 6! That's H2 on the roller blades....she's really good at it!
I wish they didn't enjoy the games so much, but they beg and beg, so I let them do a few each time.

I've also been busy sewing things and planning for my new business venture with my friend Kari. We are starting a fabric business and sewing/crafting blog. We will be starting out with Riley Blake quilting fabric (soooo cute) which we will have available on etsy shortly. Our blog will be full of tutorials on how to make all kinds of things. Our first tutorial is for this skirt made from a pair of old jeans or pants.

I love the logo my talented DH made for us!
You can check us out at www.twocraftycritters.blogspot.com