I’m the Tamamamma

Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Sweet Little Jy-Jy Turned 6!

She sure did. She was so excited that she was in our room at 6:30 am to open her presents. Our tradition is to let the kids come into our room the morning of their birthday and they get to open their presents on our bed. Ok, so the root of the tradition is my laziness, but the kids like it.

Her most treasured gift is her Baby Alive. She fed it all four packs of "food" the first day, changed it's diaper about 20 times and never let it out of her sight. The batteries were going dead after about 24 hours, probably due to her constant playing! The building blocks behind her in this picture have been a big hit too, even with my older kids.

During the day we had an Alice in Wonderland themed birthday party. We started with our tea party. Heart shaped sandwiches, fruit, and kool-aid. H2 had made little place cards that were really cute. I love the one in this picture that says "Mad Hater".

We opened presents and the kids played for a little bit. Everyone was very interested in H3's new baby.
Then we did a craft project and made Alice in Wonderland ID tag necklaces.
Then it was cupcake time! H3 is very bugged that you can't see her in the picture. She's hidden in the back there. Oh well.
We saved the cake for dinnertime. Here's a close up:

She blew out her candle : )
It was all a lot of fun. I have another 2 parties to plan in the next month when H1 and H2 have theirs!
I've also made some dresses these past couple of weeks. The first one I did was for H3:

Then I made one for H2, but don't have a picture of that one yet. I had a bit of leftover material and decided to make one for this cute little girl. Love it!