I’m the Tamamamma

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fun at the Park

We set out today to find the new reservoir in Herriman, but I screwed up the directions and we ended up "touring" Daybreak. It was actually a pretty cool drive. Lots of really cute houses to look at, and we found a really neat park. Check it out:
I was calling this thing a "birds nest", but DD1 decided it was "the diaper". Too funny! They had so much fun and the weather outside was absolutely beautiful. You could feel autumn in the air. When we left here we found the reservoir and spent a little time playing in the sand there before heading home.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Furry Little Friends

Here is one of my favorite little friends--although she's not furry. We like her a lot. I just thought she looked so cute all dressed up for school that I had to get a picture.And our newest furry friend is adapting to the house quite well. She gets lots of attention....if she's not getting attention, she mews and mews until someone picks her up.
She's also getting used to Smuckers. Pretty soon they'll be playing, I'm sure. They've tried to play a few times, but they haven't quite figured out the "rules" yet so that they don't hurt or scare each other.
The kids set her on Smuckers, so this shot was a set-up, but "awwwwww...."
And, there's nothing like napping with two furry friends. How do you like Smucker's "Quarter Bark" shirt? I know, I'm a nerd. The plan was to shave him again and then have him wear the shirt to keep him toasty, but it came off after about a day. He's just too stocky and the shirt kept working it's way farther and farther down his chest.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Aaaaaah.......Free Time

A little of it anyway. A little can go a long way! I've been busy organizing and getting household projects done. Here are a few:

I finished DD1's quilt for her bed!

I've canned a full box of pears, some tomatoes from the garden, and frozen most of my two boxes of peaches. Mmmmmmm......
I put together a small quilt for my brother and his new wife (so if either of you are reading this, I hope you like it!). This one's going to be hard to give away--I love the colors!
I organized our wee pantry and installed shelves on the interior of the door.

Tink (our new kitty) has been visiting during the afternoons for a few days. She's a little small to leave her mommy entirely and this gives her a chance to get used to the new environment. The kids are having a ball with her. She's so tiny!
Yesterday she crawled between the fridge and our cabinets and fell asleep there for a while! I think it felt very cozy to her and she didn't have to worry about the kids wanting to touch her. You can tell how little she is by comparing her to the crayon on the floor--the gap here is so little that the broom won't even reach back there (thus, the stray crayon).

Now, backtracking to another important event:


9 years old! He had a great day. We let him stay home a little bit in the morning while we played with some of his toys. He didn't mind missing a bit of school at all : ). Then he had friends over to play in the afternoon. Dinner was his choice--spaghetti!
This is an awsome toy! And the best part is, I just happened upon it in the clearance aisle at Target a while back. DS loves to build, so this is perfect for him. He is such a sweetheart--after opening each gift, he held it up and smile for the camera. The boy knows his Mamma!
He also got a few Magnext sets--more building!
I don't know who loves this toy more, DS or DH!
And for DS, it just wouldn't be a birthday without a new video game!
Another favorite was the knock-off brand iPod that he got with the money his grandparents gave him. It's a video and mp3 player. That will sure come in handy on our big family vacation to Silver Dollar City next month. Happy birthday, baby boy!