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Saturday, February 18, 2012

My Little Cheerleader and The Leonardo

A big moment for H2....the arrival of her official cheer outfit. She loves it. She has her first competition coming up next weekend. Yay for the Jaguar Cubs! Here she is in all her cheery glory. The front:
And the back:
We read a book about Leonardo Di Vinci together as a family. Yesterday we went up to The Leonardo museum. It was pretty cool, but definitely a one-time thing. I was a little disappointed that there wasn't anything about Leonardo in the museum at all. The museum is a science, technology, and art museum.....so I can see why they named it after him, but it was still missing a little something. I'm glad we went, but for the price I don't think we'll go again.

I loved this interactive sculpture. It moves a little bit in response to people moving around it.

There was a desk designed for drawing self portraits
The results:
They had a great time playing with the green screen

And designing their own stop-animation
They got to see what it might feel like to wear a prosthetic limb.....and here is a stranger trying to help H3, which was nice.

We did a lot of walking downtown and got plenty of exercise. I'm ready for a relaxing evening....maybe getting some work done on my quilt once the house is cleaned up.


christina said...

One of my boys went on a field trip there. He had the same opinion as you, cool but a one time visit.

She makes one cute cheerleader!