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Sunday, March 4, 2012

News in the World of My Kids

H3 is going to tell you about a picture she drew. She says:
I made a picture of me 100 years old. Because it was the 100th day of school. It has glasses, wrinkly skin, a cane, poofy white hair, and smells like oatmeal. It loves to eat oatmeal. It loves to watch TV. It's favorite TV show is soap operas. I got this picture back at parent-teacher conference.
H2 had another exciting weekend. Her team took 1st place in their division at this weekend's competition. We also brought her best friend along to watch, so it was really fun. I'm having issues with our new camera, so I don't have a video of the full routine yet. This is just the last part:

And some darling pics of them during the awards ceremony:
H1 is going to tell us about his favorite book, Michael Vey, by Richard Paul Evans.
He says: I'd recommend this book to anyone who doesn't have a book to read. It's a little bit science fiction and a little bit realistic fiction. It's about a kid that goes to high school and he has tourette's syndrome. He secretly has electrical powers. One of his friends knows about his powers. There's this one girl that he likes and it turns out she has electrical powers too. There's a group of guys called Elgen and they're trying to hunt Michael and the girl down.

That's all from us this week!


christina said...

I think my two favorite parts of this post are that the old lady smells like oatmeal and the hug at the end of the cheer routine :)

Your kids are so big!!! Miss you and the whole family!